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Digital Comm Link has been providing broadcast quality live video transport to the major networks, both domestically and internationally, since 1995. Throughout the state of Florida we have built a vast private network allowing our multiple studio locations direct connection back to our core facility, with access to our Teleport / Earth Station and to major video switches such as Vyvx®. Via this network, we deliver thousands of hours of video transport annually.

The Digicaster is a protected IP, HD/SD video transport platform service.

The Platform
  • A feature Rich UI for scheduling and management called the Scheduler. The Scheduler provides routing and real time monitoring graphically displaying running events, scheduled events, past events and cancelled events as well as all circuit connections. Detailed drop down records, record exporting, work order details and electronic notification as well as stream information provide simple workflow management.
  • Proprietary secure, encrypted, containerized, extensive Forward Error Correction, video IP transport and delivery technology.
  • DVB compliant Appliances that provides SDI, ASI and IP I/O, bi-directional H.264 low latency encoding and decoding, (on-board Encoders and Decoders) also supporting additional H.264 or Mpeg-2 DVB external Encoders and Decoders.
  • Core systems located in a Category 5, secure Data vault facility, with carrier neutral connectivity through a protected 10GigE cross-connect to Terremark NAP of the Americas, and a 10GigE to AT&T as upstream teir-1 Internet providers. All systems are fully hardware redundant and autonomous.
The Service
  • Managed Transport Service and monitoring of all work flow by our NOC (network operations center) 24 x 7 x 365.
  • Managed Vyvx®, Satellite and CDN circuits (active and scheduled).
The Connectivity
  • Customer bi-lateral Point to Multi-point.
  • Vyvx® bi-lateral HD/SD/SDI & ASI.
  • Satellite HD/SD Uplink & Downlink facilities.
  • On-Net CDN for webcasting to PC, Mac and all smart mobile devices including IOS, Windows and Android.
  • World wide CDN facilities.
  • Customer to Customer.
  • Mobile.

 DCL’s DIGICASTER™ Platform has been designed to operate over less expensive Business Class Internet circuits, while still delivering high quality HD and SD video transport with low latency. This design can mean huge savings to businesses that currently have large monthly recurring local loop charges for circuits connecting to the major video switches.

The DIGICASTER™ is a low latency SD/HD broadcast quality live video transport VPN appliance with the ability to provide simultaneous bi-directional video transmission. The Platform provides a fully managed, cloud based environment for video transmission that is managed by DCL’s proprietary web based scheduling system. Through the Platform’s scheduling system, our clients can deliver video content instantaneously, either domestically or internationally, 24 hours a days, 7 days a week.

Once you are on our Platform, you have connectivity to DCL’s fully licensed, full arc Earth Station. DCL is a Vyvx® First Video Affiliate with 32 ports. We have integrated our Vyvx® ports into our Platform making an array of SD, HD and ASI ports available for use. In addition, you can also be connected point-to-point to any other node residing within our network. As part of our Platform service, we manage and monitor all client circuit connections around the clock to insure your circuit is functional when needed.

Contact us to find out how our DIGICASTER™ Platform can help your business.

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