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Satellite Space / Teleport

From full transponders to 18, 9, 6, 4.5 or 3 MHz digital slices, we have access to some of the most cost effective Ku and C band occasional-use satellite space available, and regularly provide satellite feeds to and from foreign countries.

The DCL Teleport offers a VLA (very large array) which includes 13-meters, 9-meters, 7.3 meter, 3.8-meters, and 2.4 meters C band antennas, 7 meters KU band antennas, also a 200ft communications tower. We are a domestic and internationally licensed facility and have the ability to provide full service to a worldwide market. 

Services include:

  • Full time and occasional transmission via C & KU band to domestic and international satellites
  • Video, voice, data, and IP Transmission
  • Fully Redundant RF Systems
  • DVB compliant video transmit and receive
  • Analog Video transmit and receive
  • Multiple OC-48 fiber optic connectivity
  • Lockheed Martin authorized US Signatory
  • Intelsat approved
  • PanAm Sat approved
  • Sonnet fiber ring
  • Cisco driven gateway routing and compression
  • Cisco telephone access servers
  • Answer supervision systems
  • Large Scale Routers
  • SNMP monitor and control
  • Multi-platform Telephony billing system
  • Multi-platform Telephony switches
  • Fully redundant systems
  • Communication tower service
  • Design and installation of terrestrial video & data systems
  • N.O.C. profile
  • Co-Location in Cat-5 Building
  • Complete end to end service reaching any location in the world

Our network operation center is staffed to provide you with high end quality and performance to include:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Immediate response to technical problems
  • Engineer and maintain customer installed equipment
  • Backup UPS and generator support
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